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Junior Coaching Courses 




Head Coach Chris Stringer and his team of coaches run a comprehensive range of term-time and school holiday coaching sessions for all ages and abilities. Courses for all levels run most weekdays after school beteween 4-6pm. Courses are open to non members subject to a non-member fee. Session times and prices vary according to level and type of course.


Junior tennis coaching at the Club is divided into 3 key stages: Tots & Red Futures, Mini Aces and Development Tennis:


Tots Tennis (3 & 4 yr old Pre-Schoolers) & Red Futures (Reception & Year 1) 

One of our most established coaches, Olly Culwick, runs Tots Tennis and Red Futures - courses specifically tailored for younger children to help develop the first level of ball and eye-hand coordination skills that are essential in the game of tennis. All sessions take place in the indoor courts.


Click on the links below for more information, prices and application forms or contact Olly on 07956 944899 or email


Tots Tennis & Red Futures course information and application form 2019 


Mini Aces (Year 2 - Year 7)

Mini Tennis which is widely considered to be the best way for children to learn tennis. Mini Tennis is simply tennis that is played on smaller courts or marked out areas with shorter rackets and soft balls. It’s just like the real game but it gives younger players a better opportunity to have long rallies and play different types of shots. Research also shows that it is essential for children up to the age of 10 years to learn the physical skills of running, jumping, balance, coordination, throwing and catching as well as basic tennis skills if they are to reach their full sporting potential.


As an LTA Mini Tennis accredited club, we run a full Mini Aces Tennis programme which caters for children aged approximately 6yrs to 12yrs (School Years 2 - 7). The high demand for places on our Mini Aces programme and the low drop out rate is an indication of the excellence of the programme and our coaching team.


RED Aces is the first stage of Mini Aces Tennis and is very important for building skills and confidence. The emphasis is on fundamental sporting skills such as movement and co-ordination, and an introduction to rallying and playing the game. All  Red Mini Ace courses are indoors.


ORANGE Aces introduces children to playing on a ¾ length tennis court. The low bounce orange ball slows the game down to a speed that gives players time to play good basic tennis shots and have maximum fun playing the game!


GREEN Aces is the final stage before children move to Development Tennis. Played on a full size tennis court, the green ball is slightly lower bouncing than a normal tennis ball and helps the children to use good technique and rally consistently.


Click on the links below for session times, prices and application forms: 


Mini Aces term-time course information and application form 2019


Development Tennis (Approx 12 - 17yr olds)


The aim of development tennis is to continue having fun and enjoyment while continuing to develop your game. The emphasis is more on tactical decision making, building a playing style, competition and match play. All players will be encouraged to obtain an LTA rating in order for results to be logged with the LTA.


Click on the links below for session times, prices and application forms:


Development Tennis term-time course information and application form 2019


Holiday Tennis Courses:

Tennis Courses are also run through the School Holidays. Please click on the link below for details and application form:


Holiday Tennis Courses 2019.


For more information on Mini Tennis or Development courses please contact our Head Coach Chris Stringer on 07766 707686 or email


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