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Tennis Box Leagues


We run competitive all-year-round box leagues for both singles and doubles which is a great way to play more tennis and meet other members.


Everyone is mutually responsible for contacting the other players in their box and arranging their match fixtures. 


In order to participate in the box leagues you will need to ensure that you are opted in to be searchable in the password protected members area. You can manage your preferences yourself when you are logged in. 


Club social play takes priority over box matches so busy club nights (e.g. Tuesday evenings) are usually not good times to arrange for a match! An hour and a half is usually comfortably enough time to play a match (plus a 10 minute knock up).


All applicants must be paid-up playing members of the Tennis section of the Club.  We promise to get you in for the next round providing the league isn't at maximum capacity. Juniors 14 yrs+ are permitted to enter the leagues.

Singles Box Leagues


We run a tennis singles box league of around 30 boxes at BLT & SRC and each round runs for approximately 5-8 weeks. The tennis boxes are organised by Dan White and any queries, requests to join or leave the boxes should be directed to him at


Joining the singles box leagues


If you are interested in joining the league please use the address above to email your name (plus parent name for a junior) and suggested approximate box entry level - we suggest you ask your coach (if you are having coaching), or find out by playing other members during club nights etc


Viewing the singles box leagues 


To view the current singles box leagues online click on this link.


Firstly select the correct round/date and then scroll down to find your box (or, if you use IE as your web browser, more quickly by Ctrl-F and entering your surname in the ‘Find’ box). When you find your box you will see that the contact details for the other players are shown. You also enter your own match scores (see section below) via this same web page using the pull down menus adjacent to each of the score squares in your box.


Playing your matches


The approved match format to be used is the ‘Two Short Sets’ format:


Play two sets, until one of you reaches 5 games, unless you reach 4-4 in which case play a standard tie-break to decide the set. A standard tie-break winner is the first to 7, or higher until gaining a 2 point lead.


If after the two sets you are one set all, then play a championship tie-break ie. the first to 10, or higher until gaining a 2 point lead.


Recording your match result


After the match, if you won, you are responsible for posting the match score on the system. You do this online via the Tennis League Boxes page .


If you were the losing player, please try and find the time to visit the box leagues web page sometime soon afterwards to verify that the correct score was posted!  If it’s wrong, let us know and we can correct it.


Note: The system does not handle individual set scores so the winner of the match should always post 10 (irrespective of the number of games they actually won). The loser simply scores the total number of games they won throughout the course of the match. So, for example, if you won 5-2, 1-5, 1-0, you would record this on the system as 10-7, i.e. 10 for you, 7 for your opponent.


Post your match score carefully in the score box. Enter the number of games you won in your row, and in your opponent’s column. For your opponent, similarly enter the number of games they won in their row, under your column. Unless all the completed score squares appear in a symmetrical pattern either side of the diagonal of blank squares – someone has entered a score in the wrong square!


For full details of the how the box leagues operate please see our Tennis Singles League Details   download.


Leaving the singles box leagues


It is not possible to be removed from the League while a round is in progress - if you are going to be unable to play your remaining fixtures, then for each one, please post a score of ‘Injured’ for your score, and ‘Walkover’ for your opponent.  Then, to leave the League, click on the ‘Remove from Next Round’ button at the top of the Tennis League Boxes page .  You may wish to follow up with an email to clarify re when you plan to re-join etc.



Doubles Box Leagues


Our doubles leagues were started in 2018 and are now automated. 


To view the current doubles box leagues online click on this link.


Doubles league playing rules


14 points for a win in two sets, 13 points for a tie break win. Loser gets games won total.

Full tennis sets, 6-6 is a half set each, no tie break required, until 1 set all and then 10 point championship tie break. 


Some examples

6-3, 2-6, 0-1 tiebreak. Scores 8-13

6-3, 6-2 .Scores 14-5

6-1, 6-6 No tiebreak required. Scores 14-7


Joining the doubles leagues


If you and a partner are interested in participating please contact the doubles box league organiser Michael Beavis at .



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