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Squash57 (formerly known as racketball) is currently the UK’s fastest growing sport. Played on a squash court with very similar rules, the main difference between the sports comes from the ball being bigger and more bouncy, which makes it a lot harder to win a rally than in squash;  thus making squash57 easy to learn, but difficult to master.


The game is great for beginners. The rackets are very short, making it a simple game to play as the eye, hand, and ball coordination is as easy as hitting the ball with one's hand, rather than trying to judge the distance between the hand and head of a squash, badminton or tennis racket.  The ball is very bouncy and does not need warming before normal play, nor is it affected by court temperatures etc so you are guaranteed a consistent bounce and challenging game whenever you play. The lower intensity and slower pace of movement required by the player allows less agile or injury prone players to hold longer rallies without the risk of further problems. This often means many squash players convert to squash57 due to injury or reduced mobility, whilst others simply play just for the challenge of longer rallies and the higher levels of fitness these bring.


All of this, plus the fact that  racketball is one of the fastest ways to burn calories in a short space of time, makes the sport accessible, enjoyable and growing in popularity.


Squash57 at BLT&SRC

Here at BLT&SRC we are fortunate to have a thriving and enthusiastic squash 57 section, in fact we are renowned as having one of the best supported and most competitive racketball contingent in the Eastern Region.


As well as a great choice of squash57 players of all standards to play against, BLT&SRC also offers a good selection of competitive options for all squash57 players, including;

  • Monthly inter-club box leagues
  • Annual Club tournaments
  • Squash57 team representing BLT&SRC in local county league
  • Frequent ‘friendly tournaments’ both within the club and against other local teams & players


Squash57 Leagues

Andrew Bryson organises the squash57 leagues at the Club. If you have any questions or want to join please contact him at

Squash57 Teams

We have a squash57 team representing BLT&SRC in the Bucks Squash57 League.  For the latest league table go to


Russell Sanders manages the squash57 teams. Please direct any enquiries to him via


To join in the fun, or simply to ask for more information and advice on all things squash57, please contact Mark Tanzer at


Upcoming Events


9th June: Club Open Day


22nd June: Tennis Finals Day