Saturday 15 May 2021
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 We re-opened the squash courts last Saturday and the new operating measures seem to be running smoothly.  Thank you for complying with everything we asked of you.



With all BLT&SRC facilities now open in some form or other (with the exception of the changing rooms and showers - news on this soon, hopefully, we’re watching the guidance position closely), it really feels like our club community is coming back again.


The courts haven’t been particularly busy so far, but that’s fine at the moment.  Slowly but surely is a good way to ‘test and learn’ at this first stage of the return of squash and squash57.


We’d now like to open things up a bit more to help you with (a) more options in who you play in household/social bubble games (squash and squash57), and (b) more readily accessible guidance on how to play:

  • socially distanced game of ‘sides’ (squash and squash57);
  • practice drills with people from different households (squash in particular); and
  • drills for solo practice (squash in particular, but also applicable to squash57).

Let’s all move forward positively, but guard against slipping into complacency.


More options in who you play - households


From today we are introducing Temporary Memberships:  3 months for £60 for adults and just £15 for juniors (under 19s), with no joining fee.


We are targeting this at people in your household to try out squash or squash57 and, at the same time, allow you to play a full game without social distancing restrictions.


Bring your other half or children down to the club and get them to give it a go!  School holidays could be a perfect opportunity to get the kids playing.


This might be a situation where squash57 is a better bet than squash.  Squash57 is a game that anyone can play at a rudimentary level and have a great run around at any age and without any previous experience:  shorter racket, bigger and bouncier ball!


Why not use it as a ’try before you buy’ opportunity - a starter membership category for trier-outers.  And if it doesn’t ’stick’, then at least it hasn’t cost you too much and it has helped you to play some unrestricted full games.


Call Susannah and Vicky in the office on 01442 863393 or email them at .


Please remember, though, only non-marking indoor sports shoes on court - no black soled trainers, otherwise the wooden floors get irretrievably marked.


More readily accessible guidance on how to play - social distancing


A number of helpful resources have been published in the past week and here are the links to see them for yourselves and become more familiar with the new moderations:

To help with the Sides game, Adam has put some tape down on the courts, to mark the split of the front half of the court.


If you’re doing solo squash practice, we recommend using a single yellow dot ball so you can vary the routines to include short game drills without having to worry about keeping the ball hot.  All balls and rackets never knowingly undersold at Berkhamsted Sports!


And don’t forget that group sessions with Adam or one of his coaching team are a great way to have an exacting return to something approaching match-play, and spread the coaching cost amongst you.  A number of our 1st and 2nd team players have started just such a group, and came off court exhausted but feeling like they’re back in the game!  Bucks team - you know you need this to occupy your Thursday evenings once again!  Skills & Drills mob - ditto!


Club shirts


Some of you ordered club shirts a while ago.  We haven’t forgotten.  The shirts were purchased but our printer closed their business during the main lockdown period.  They have now re-opened and we delivered the kit to them this week.  We will be in touch with you as soon as we get back the finished product with the logo’s and player names.



Hope to see you all down at the club over the coming days and weeks.  By all means provide feedback and suggestions on anything you notice - it always helps to get observations and viewpoints from others; these are difficult times and, although we’re doing our best, we're all treading in unknown territory and we make no claim to being all-seeing!


Squash & Squash57 Committee

(John Shaw, Mark Shattock, Adam Fuller, Gill Trimmer, Rob Harbron)

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