Sunday 16 May 2021
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To help our members to arrange games, we have set up a new WhatsApp called BLTSRC Tennis Game Finder. If you want to be included, email with your name and mobile number.


The more people the better and players of all standards of players are encouraged to join the group. The aim is to make it more easy to find the members who want to play at times that suit you or to help on those occasions when you just fancy a game and your regular partners are unavailable.


In the absence of box leagues and club nights and, with members unable to drop-in or use the bar, it is a little bit more difficult to arrange games with fellow members than it was before the coronavirus restrictions and we thought this group might help address that.


A few suggestions for the group:


  • Once you found a potential partner – please confirm details of your arrangement directly with the person not in the group – the rest of the group are unlikely to want to know the details of your arrangements!!
  • Please only post “jokes and links” that are appropriate for general consumption – we hope this group will be used widely – it is not designed for banter amongst your own group of friends!
  • Please observe the social distancing guidelines when playing to ensure you and your playing partners are kept safe.
  • Only club members can join the group. 
  • Junior members aged 16 & 17 years are permitted to join with their parent's permission.
  • Be kind to others on the group - use the “Game Finder” group to have laughs with fellow members but remember, we will not hesitate to remove members from the group if they are rude, abusive or inappropriate.


We hope that this group will help new & existing members alike to find opponents - if it is successful and well used then maybe it will become a regular and positive feature of how the club will work after the lockdown is over.  


Club Council

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12th April:  - we have reopened for both tennis and squash


6th June: Club Open day