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James Jensen, a very long standing tennis member whom many of you knew, passed away last week after a long illness. His daughter Claire (who is also a member along with his grandchildren) has written a lovely note to the Club paying tribute to her father and the relationship he enjoyed with the club...




“My father, James Jensen, died peacefully at the Hospice of St Francis last Thursday 19th March, after a long battle with his health. He was not in any pain.Dad had remained positive until the end.
Dad always enjoyed his tennis. I have fond memories of informal but highly competitive family tennis on our family summer holidays when I was a child. When I was a young teenager he used to happily break up his Friday evening to drive me down to Berkhamsted tennis club so I could play with my friends at junior night, and then pick me up later on.
Playing tennis was one of the few things we did together- I even remember playing with him when I was pregnant with my son, James. Throughout his last few years Dad never gave up and often spoke about when he might be able to play tennis again. From what I know he had been playing quite regularly following his retirement, sometimes dashing out of the house after a phone call to make up a four to play.
He then had regular coaching with Olly, who he held in extremely high regard, both for his wonderful coaching and as a person. Thank you Olly for all you gave Dad.
Over his last few but less active years he and mum really enjoyed the social events at the club, like the dinner dance, and Dad used to get excited about going down to the club  hopefully “get lucky” with Wimbledon tickets. It was lovely that he was always so welcomed at these events and by everyone at the club; indeed several of my friends would often speak of their chats with him. Thank you so much for this. When he couldn’t play, he was a committed tennis spectator from his armchair, in fact there was no point ever calling or visiting when any vaguely important match was on! 
Dad’s “presence” will hopefully continue at Berkhamsted tennis club through his grandchildren. Due to his love of tennis, he offered and has willingly supported my children’s tennis at Berkhamsted club over the last few years. Otherwise they would not have had such a wonderful opportunity to learn how to play and enjoy the game. We are hugely grateful for this, as he has given them a lifelong skill and the chance to take part in such a wonderful social sport for life. 
Organising a funeral, and everything else, is very hard amidst the current pandemic and the regulations surrounding it. Dad is having a small cremation service tomorrow and hopefully a memorial service later in the year. 
If anyone would like to donate at all we have just set up a memory giving page, for the hospice of St Francis. 
If you would like to be informed about any future memorial service for Dad, do get in touch. 
Sorry this is a bit long...! Thank you for reading it. Thank you Berkhamsted Tennis Club and RIP Dad. 
Claire Ripley 

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