Thursday 13 May 2021
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Starting at 8am on Monday 19th August, there is building work taking place on 2 of our squash courts (courts 5&6).



We are replacing the brick and concrete back walls with glass, and finishing the installation of glass balustrades on the balcony.


The main impact to members will arise from the removal of the waste debris.  This stage of the work is expected to be completed by Thursday 22nd August.  However, during that time there will be a skip in the car park and a small dumper truck will be going between the club’s side exit and the car park.


The builders will be boarding-off the area around the skip and the side exit of the club, to ensure safety, but for those 4 days, this will restrict the availability of parking and access to the ITC - access to the ITC will be via the door to court 5 only


We are conscious that this timing overlaps with the landscaping work to the Canal Fields entrance, but it will be for a short while and we are keen to complete the entirety of these works during this seasonally quiet period for the club.


Apologies for any inconvenience that this causes - please bear with us for this brief temporary period.


If anyone has any questions about the work to the squash courts, please contact the squash chairman, John Shaw - contact details for committee members are on the club noticeboard and website.


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