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The annual Berkhamsted Mini Tennis Club Championships will run on Sunday 12th May this year. There will be three events in total. Red (8&under), Orange (9&under) and Green (10&under). These competitions are for members of BLT&SRC only


Red Competition – 1 to 3pm

This event will be open to all players born on or after 01/09/10.

Orange Competition – 1pm to 2:30pm.

This event will be open to all players born between 01/09/09 and 31/08/10, or for players born between 01/09/10 and 31/03/11 who have an Orange rating.
Green Competition – 2:30pm to 4:30pm
This event will be open to all players born between 01/09/08 and 31/08/09, or for players born between 01/09/08 and 31/03/09 who have an Orange 1/1* rating.


Rules and Conditions

Players will only be able to enter ONE event as they are all running at the same time. As you can see above players who have reached their top rating will have a choice of two events. All the events start in the afternoon which will hopefully allow the players with other sporting activities in the morning to enter.

These events are free to enter BUT you must be a member of Berkhamsted Lawn Tennis club. You will also need a BTM (British Tennis Membership) number and mini tennis rating in the orange and green event. If you are already a member of the club but do not have a BTM number then you can join for free at https://www3.lta.org.uk/Members/Join/ if you register your place of play as Berkhamsted Lawn Tennis Club. Once joined you will then receive a BTM number. If you are an Orange or Green player you will get a rating with your BTM number (E.g. Orange 4).  Red players don’t have ratings as they only come in from orange onwards.

If you are not a member of the club but would like to join, please see the benefits of being a member below:


  • No more non-member fees on coaching courses/holiday camps.
  • Junior Club Night (This will run on Friday evenings 6 - 8pm starting in the summer term and is suitable for all ages and standards).
  • Use of outdoor courts.
  • Receive door entry key fob to the Clubhouse.
  • Free entry to the annual BLT&SRC Mini Tennis Competition.


The cost of membership is only £38 for 8&under and £62 for the 10&under category.


For more information and our online application form please visit www.bltsrc.co.uk/page/membership/membership_info


If your child would like to enter one of these events can you please email me at ollyculwick77@hotmail.co.uk  with their name, D.O.B, BTM number and mini tennis rating please? The closing date for entry will be Sunday 5th May 2019.


Olly Culwick

Head of the Berkhamsted Prestige Tennis Academy

E: ollyculwick77@hotmail.co.uk

M: 07956 944899

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