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 [images/dave walden 2013] Dave Walden 2013 (Dave Walden 2013) [images/philtrimmer2012] PhilTrimmer2012 (PhilTrimmer2012)   [images/traceymackey2012] TraceyMackey2012 (TraceyMackey2012) [images/chris stringer 2012] Chris Stringer 2012 (Chris Stringer 2012) 

Dave Walden

Phil Trimmer
Club Treasurer

Tracey Mackey
Fixture Secretary

Chris Stringer
Head Coach
07766 707686

[images/tennis/olly] Oliver Culwick [images/matt holden] Matt Holden (Matt Holden)  [images/tyrell diaz stevens 2012] Tyrell Diaz Stevens 2012 (Tyrell Diaz Stevens 2012)  
Olly Culwick
Committee Member

Matt Holden
Committee Member



Tyrell Diaz Stevens
Committee Member



[images/ray pitman 1] Ray Pitman 1 (Ray Pitman 1)
 Photo coming soon  Photo coming soon  

Ray Pitman
Committee Member 


Carolyn Parry

Committee Member

Kevin McDermott

Committee Member 





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COVID-19: Squash courts reopened on 25th July


COVID-19: 10th July - the bar has reopened!


COVID-19: 20th June update