Wednesday 28 July 2021
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Club Council



 Photo Coming Soon! [images/philtrimmer2012] Phil Trimmer2012 (Phil Trimmer 2012)  Photo Coming Soon!  [images/mark shattock 2012] Mark Shattock 2012 (Mark Shattock 2012)

John Shaw
Club Chairman

Phil Trimmer
Club Treasurer

John Shaw
Squash & Squash 57 Chairman

 Mark Shattock
Squash & Squash 57 Representative


  [images/traceymackey2012] Tracey Mackey2012 (Tracey Mackey 2012) [images/matt markwort] Matt Markwort (Matt Markwort)   

Tracey Mackey
Tennis Representative

Matt Markwort

Tennis Chairman



[images/vickypudney2012] Vicky Pudney2012 (Vicky Pudney 2012) [images/susannahcrowther2012] Susannah Crowther2012 (Susannah Crowther 2012)    
Vicky Pudney
Assistant Club Manager
01442 863393
Susannah Crowther
Club Manager
01442 863393 



Council members can also be contacted by email via


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Upcoming Events



29th July - 1 Aug: Pro Squash Tournament


11th September: Tennis Finals Day