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The Club facilitates a clear path for promising youngsters who are serious about progressing their tennis.


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One of our senior coaches, Olly Culwick, runs a performance Academy for Mini Tennis players aged 4-10 years. The Berkhamsted Prestige Tennis Academy (BPTA) is an academy for children who have been invited to join the Mini Tennis performance programme. We now have over 40 kids at the club who are participating in our “Stars of the Future” programme and who are now all members of the Berkhamsted Prestige Tennis Academy. The main aim of the BPTA is to attract young enthusiastic children who show potential in the sport and are keen to train on regular basis.  The goal is then to take these players on and produce focused and competitive athletes that play smart tennis with effective strokes.


For more information about BPTA, please see our BPTA download or contact Olly Culwick on 07956 944899
or email ollyculwick77@hotmail.co.uk.


The BPTA works very closely with the Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy who work with our performance players from the age of 10 upwards. Once players move out of the Mini Tennis environment and start to train with a full ball and on a full court they will join the BETA.


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The Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy (BETA) is located within the Berkhamsted Lawn Tennis & Squash Rackets Club.  BETA offers a unique approach to meet the requirements of becoming a professional tennis player.  The focus is to inspire junior players to fulfill their individual dreams through hard work and dedication and also giving them the personal qualities that will enable them to be successful in all walks of life.


The team at the BETA is headed up by the Australian Tyrell Diaz Stevens, an ATP World Ranked Player and supported by a highly qualified team.who are highly experienced in their fields. Each member provides their own unique element to the program and together they form a formidable training team.


The Club coaches work very closely with BETA to ensure that promising juniors are identified and developed through this channel where appropriate.


For more information about BETA, please contact Tyrell Diaz Stevens at info@betatennis.co.uk  or 07758631370 or go to the BETA website at www.betacademy.co.uk.


Meet our high flyers!

We currently have some amazing young talent at the Club  - many who have risen through the ranks at our academies. To find out more about our rising stars click here.



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