January 16th, 2018

Since publishing the draws on Monday, I hope you have already scheduled your first game(s) – due dates come round extremely quickly!

The rule on playing by the end of the set date is strict and so please don’t put us in the awkward position of having to remove you. If you need to request to play a day or two after the deadline, let us know.


A reminder that in order to qualify for the Squash and Squash 57 Open Plate you need to be a genuine first game loser – if you give your opponent a walkover you will not be eligible (please highlight w/o on paper draw or in email).


We have published the draws online (read only) which will provide a relatively accurate update on the status of matches – the online draws are dependent on the paper draws being updated (make sure you write up the result!!) and / or results emailed into the organisers.


The paper draws and rules sheet will be put up on the corridor wall this weekend.


These are the links to the tournaments and the associated organiser:


Squash Open                                     Rich Bayliss (squashtournaments@outlook.com)

Squash 57 Open                               Rich Bayliss

Squash Ladies Open                       Rich Bayliss

Squash Handicap                              Mark Shattock (MShattock@plparchitecture.com)

Squash 57 Handicap                        Mark Shattock

Squash Vets (45+)                           Rich Bayliss

Squash Vintage (55+)                     Rich Bayliss

Squash 57 Vintage (55+)               Rich Bayliss


Any questions, let us know.

Good luck!

Rich Bayliss