June 12th, 2017

Here are the updated draws for the 2017 tournament:


Here are the updated draws for the 2017 tournament (as of 27th June):


Club Tournament 2017 Draw


As a guide for participants and for those planning to attend on Saturday, the provisional schedule is below. Once we have a confirmed list of participants, the final schedule will be worked out to cater for those in multiple finals! - a full schedule will be sent to participants on Friday evening (30th).

* All Plate Events - 12pm *

* Mixed Doubles & Tier 1 Singles - 1pm *

* Men's and Ladies' Siungles - 2.30pm *

* Men's and Ladies' Doubles - 4pm *

* All other main events around 1 - 1.30pm *

Should you have any questions or problems please contact us at clubtennistournament@bltsrc.co.uk.

Good Luck!
Matt & Chris