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 Hi all.  It’s only been a week since our July newsletter but we know how much you treasure these messages, so here’s our August edition.



It’s been good to see people gradually building the confidence to return to squash and squash57, albeit in the amended formats, and to see a lot of familiar faces once again.


This week the Bucks team linked up with some of the 1st and 2nd team players for coaching with Adam, and we’re going to expand this to a regular Monday night team training session with Adam and Grace.


It’s slowly coming back together.  But, without box games, team matches, and full unrestricted play, things are likely to remain quieter than they were before, for the time being.


Thank you for doing all we’ve asked of you.  Vigilance continues to be the watchword.


Temporary memberships


We’ve had a few people take-up our new, temporary memberships, designed to help those in the same household to play without social distancing restrictions.  Ideal for your partner/children!


Just to clarify a couple of questions we’ve received.  Although existing/full squash and squash57 members may continue for the time being with the leeway to also be able to play tennis, this is an exceptional arrangement to mitigate the impact on those who paid their membership earlier this year but have been unable to play squash or squash57 due to the lockdown.  There are very reasonable membership rates available to juniors who want to play tennis; and Guests of members will soon, once again, be allowed to play tennis (announcement from the tennis committee coming shortly).


As already announced, we will hold a Special General Meeting at some point, to agree with members a level of recompense that they may wish to claim for the impact of the lockdown on their club membership.  But this will not include temporary members who have recently joined.


Changing rooms


We are aware that our neighbouring squash club, and a few other clubs around the country, have now opened their changing rooms and showers.  


Guidance from the governing bodies on this subject is a bit ambiguous.  Intuitively, it feels like the sensible thing to do in these times is to immediately shower after playing indoor sport; certainly if you wish to stay for a post-match drink and sit on the same furniture that others will use.


We have the position under review and the Club Council will make a decision shortly.


Padel tennis


Padel continues to grow in popularity and there are now a number of tennis clubs that have a padel court.  And some of our squash and squash57 players - particularly the Dubai brigade! - drop regular hints to the committee about building a court on our grounds.


It cropped up at this year’s AGM and we agreed to be mindful of the growth of the sport but to direct our investment to other projects for now.  And for the moment, there is a need to circle the wagons and consolidate.


But the idea is lodged, and the Club Council will keep it in view.


Before 2020 went pear-shaped, we had planned a squash and squash57 friendly with Hazelwood in Winchmore Hill (the home club of Jo Durie and her coach, Alan Jones, and Adrian Waller, England #1 squash player and a member of Adam’s pro squad).  They now have two padel courts and they have offered to host us any time we’d like.  We will take them up on that.



Keep playing, keep to the rules, and look forward to gradually seeing more of you back at the club,


Squash & Squash57 Committee

(John Shaw, Mark Shattock, Adam Fuller, Gill Trimmer, Rob Harbron)

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