Sunday 16 May 2021
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Hello everybody.  We hope you’re bearing up as well as can be expected in these difficult times, unprecedented for all of us.


We thought we’d keep the monthly Newsletter going, to help in a small way to keep everyone connected to their favourite sport and their local club.


Keeping in touch


We now have just over 100 followers on Twitter.  We post a tweet every day so, if you want to keep getting a daily fix of squash/squash57 even though the club is closed, download the Twitter app, follow @BerkoSquashRbll and turn on notifications.  We try to make all tweets relevant, informative and, where possible, fun.


The Club Council will continue to keep you advised by email of the status of the club closure.  Our policy has been, and will most likely continue to be, aligned to guidelines issued by the Government, the LTA and England Squash, so we will be watching intently for any easing of current restrictions at the appropriate time.


Returning fully fit


There is a surfeit of advice on how to keep fit and try to avoid putting on too many isolation kilos, so we won’t add to that.


However, on a slightly different topic, there did seem to be a record number of people in the latest round of league boxes who had ‘injured’ alongside their name.  In addition to which, there will have been others who have been playing through an injury for a while, in the hope that over time it will get better or at least remain manageable.


So, maybe, this is an opportunity to do a proper programme of rehab/prehab that you would otherwise have skimped over in the rush to get back on court.  There’s loads of physio guidance on YouTube (Bob and Brad, and Ask Doctor Jo are my go-to channels. JS).


Hopefully, when things get going again, we’ll have a full turnout of refreshed players who have consigned their aches and pains to the past.  At least for a while!


Club Championships and Boxes


We’ll wait and see what we do about the matches we had underway.  It’s hard enough for the likes of the Premier League to work out what they’re going to do.  In the scheme of current events, our 2020 tournaments are the least of everyone’s concerns.


For the moment, we’ve simply pressed the Pause button on everything.  It would be nice - but probably wishful - to think that it will be as easy as pressing the Play button to resume where we left off.  We’ll see.


Club kit


We have now got most of the follow-up order of shirts and other items that people requested.  But, with the local printer in a furlough period and with no pressing need for anyone wanting squash shirts with their name on the back, we’ll hold onto them for the time being.



Until next time, and with every best wish in these difficult days,


Squash & Squash57 Committee

(John Shaw, Mark Shattock, Adam Fuller, Gill Trimmer, Rob Harbron)

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12th April:  - we have reopened for both tennis and squash


6th June: Club Open day