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With the start of the new season fast approaching, we thought it would be a good time to update you on all the developments and news from the Squash and Squash ’57 section.  Please do take a moment to read through our newsletter to see what’s going on at your club.


We welcome any feedback so do get in touch with us if you have any comments.  The committee can be reached by email on and we’d love to hear from you! We’d particularly like to hear from anybody who can spare some time over the upcoming season to help out with some key events in the squash & squash ’57 calendar. Read on for details…..


England Squash Partnership


We are proud to announce that BLTSRC has been selected by England squash to become a National Performance hub.  We will become the focus for all the South of England’s best squash talent.  England squash will help us to promote the club with a case study on their website, via press releases and by working alongside us to help promote our wonderful sport to all.  We believe this relationship will be a very good thing for the future of the club.

The club will host England’s most talented southern based juniors for 8 weekend training camps over the course of the year.  At no point will they be using all 6 courts simultaneously and a study of court usage over these times has given us the confidence that disruption to our members playing habits should be minimal.  We will create a new zone of super off peak courts (to be charged at just £2 for 45 minutes) around these times to help incentivise our members to play as the camps start, finish and break for lunch as we want as many members as possible to see how these elite athletes train.  Details of this are given in the courts schedule section below.

Under the tutelage of our head coach Adam Fuller and other Elite coaches from around the area we will also become a full-time base for professional players to train including Adrian Waller (WR 40), Alison Waters (WR8) and may other of the sports Elite stars.  These sessions will happen during regular working hours and we don’t envisage any potential issues with court bookings.  We will become only the 4th such base around the country to be recognised by England Squash and it puts us in the company of the other 3 bases which are Nick Mathews academy in Sheffield, the Pontefract academy headed by Malcolm Willstrop and Rob Owens Edgbaston academy.  For those of you that follow the professional game you will know that these 3 camps have produced many of the world’s top pros over the last 10 years and we are proud to be associated with them.


Court Booking Schedule

As mentioned above we have decided to create a new super off peak zone on the weekend where courts will be charged at a rate of £2 per 45 minute session.  These courts will be available pre 10am, at 1pm and after 4:30pm.


In addition, we have decided to let juniors book off peak or super off peak courts for £1 per session on the condition they are playing another junior member.  We have done this because as well as helping to support the regions elite squash players we realise not everyone can be a superstar and we want to help encourage the next generation of ordinary club players to get down and play more.


Court Maintenance

You may have noticed a lot of work on the courts over the last few weeks. To ensure our courts are kept in top condition we have completed an extensive maintenance programme this summer, including:

  • The walls cleaned on courts 1-5
  • The floors sanded on courts 4 & 6
  • A front wall and tin replacement on court 6
  • New club branded door coverings for courts 3-6


We hope you agree our courts are some of the best around, and with this spruce up are ready for the new season to start! If you notice any issues with any of the courts please let the committee or the office managers know and we’ll ensure it is looked into straight away.


Court Fees

The current level of courts fees (£3.50 for off peak and £4.50 for peak) was introduced in October 2012.  Six years is a long time to hold court fees and so we believe it is now the right time to implement an increase.  As of October 1st, court fees will rise to £4 for off peak and £5 for peak.  The new super off court charge of £2 will remain as will the £1 charge for juniors.


Club Night

Club night at the club has been suspended over the summer months but we would very much like to see it start up again in September.  The last incarnation of club “night” had been taking place on the 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons of every month and managed by Paul Fidler.  Paul is no longer able to run club night, so we are looking for someone (or a small group of people) to take on this role and drive club night forward.  Although it has previously been held on Sunday afternoons there is no reason why it couldn’t be moved to another time in the week and running it shouldn’t take up too much of anyone’s time.  If this is something you would like to get involved in, please contact the squash committee.


Club Tournaments

For the past few years the club tournaments have been brilliantly run by long standing club member Richard Bayliss.  On behalf of all our member a big “Thank you” to Richard.  Due to personal circumstances Richard is no longer a squash member at the club (although don’t worry he is still a tennis member so you will be seeing him around) and as such will not be running the Squash and Squash 57 tournaments any longer.  For these events to run we really need a person (or ideally 2 or 3 people) to take on the mantle of running them.  Help will be given, and members of the committee will be around to assist but we would like a volunteer to take on this role.  Please let us know if you would like to get involved.

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