Sunday 16 May 2021
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Tournament participants should all have received a copy of the relevant squash and squash 57 tournament draws via email for your reference. Also, the draws have been printed and are showing on the corridor wall – match winners, please remember to update accordingly!

All of the tournaments are available for viewing online at the below links – add them to your favourites and have a view of the draw whilst you are away from the club. The online draw can only be updated by the organisers and so we are dependent on the paper draw being updated or sending a result email to the tournaments account -


The online draws will allow you to see the list of seedings, player contact details, draws and important messages on the organisation homepage such as when to play the next round of matches by (if the match is not played, both players will be eliminated).


6 events:


Squash Handicap:


Squash 57 Handicap:


Any questions, let me know.


All the best of luck!


Richard Bayliss

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12th April:  - we have reopened for both tennis and squash


6th June: Club Open day