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The Playing Arrangements Board, on the clubhouse wall facing courts 7-9, has recently been updated by the tennis committee, and we request that all members familiarise themselves with the content, with changes taking immediate effect. 

The update was prompted mainly by the redevelopment of courts 1-3 and by various member comments/suggestions about the court pre-booking arrangements (previously applicable to courts 1-3). Much of the content is largely unchanged, notably the right hand section on Conditions of Play regarding Court Priorities and Courtesy and Safety. 


 In particular there has been no change in: 

  • the general principle that Doubles has priority over Singles, except on courts with a Junior or Coaching Priority
  • the rules for how long you may continue playing when requested to leave the court by players with a higher priority
  • the 6 rules on Courtesy and Safety

  The main changes are: 

  1. Bookable courts to be only 1 and 12 (by both juniors and seniors) at most times, and only at minimum of 30 minutes notice, but
  2. Pre-booking of courts 1 and 12 is not allowed for Coaching sessions, or on Friday evenings or Sat and Sun mornings. Also not allowed on Tuesday Club Night, except court 1 in winter only.
  3. Tuesday Club Night is extended to start at 18.30 on courts 7-9 .......and then continue from 19.00 on courts 1-3 and 7-12 (though in winter court 1 will be bookable and court 3 has Coaching priority)


These (together with a few more minor changes) lead to a significant reduction in the data on the Board. We realise that there is still a lot of information on the board, despite trying hard to simplify the content.  However, with eleven outdoor courts, on 4 different playing surfaces, over 650 playing members, an extensive coaching programme,  and multiple match teams, the situation is quite complex.


We believe that it is essential to have clear rules established and visible to all members, and that it is every member’s responsibility to be aware of those rules before going on court to play. 


We hope that you find the revised board both clear and helpful, and would welcome any comments and/or queries. 


 Your Tennis Committee



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