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The Tennis Committee recently reviewed and agreed the rates for playing in the ITC next winter, commencing 1st October 2018, and also confirmed that the procedures for Block Bookings would be the same as last year and bids will be taken from 1 February.

In particular please note:

* We will accept no block bookings for the following winter before February 1st

* From February 1st, periods will be allocated to bidders on the basis of "first-come, first-served".

Please see full document for more details.

Compared with this winter we are making no increases in ITC rates at all, and also plan no changes in the summer rates for 2019.

Given the increasing levels of usage of the ITC - especially for off-peak winter periods - anyone who is keen to play regularly indoors next winter should make a block booking as early as possible, after January 31st, to minimise the risk of disappointment.   

Many thanks.


Your Tennis Committee

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